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Micro-Stakes Grinder Explains $1 Million WCOOP Victory

��Micro-Stakes Grinder Explains $one Million WCOOP Victory

October 2, 2012 1:03

At the finish of final month, Russian micro-grinder  maratik manufactured his way into on the internet poker folklore after making use of forty PokerStars' regular player points to satellite his way by means of to the WCOOP $five,200 Principal Event, which he ultimately won for an amazing $one,000,907 payday.

Considering that that existence-altering day, the on the internet player known as  maratik, and whose actual identify is Marat Sharafutdinov, has been describing his knowledge of playing at the best class tournament to reporters at the PokerStars Blog.

Marat Sharafutdinov explained he would usually use his FPPs to aid satellite to large-get in tournaments which would have been beyond his micro-stakes bankroll. He even effectively competent for a couple of $215 Sunday Million tournaments, but learnt a most useful lesson while competing at a $150 nightly tourney. As  maratik explains:

 In that nightly tournament I was chip leader, but when I received shut to the bubble, I couldn't choose if I required to play to get to the last table or just to money. I played aggressively in one hand but at the point in which I had to go all-in I checked and lost half of my stack. Following that I promised myself that if I was in an essential tourney once more, I would not be afraid."

A comparable situation then presented itself to Sharafutdinov at the WCOOP $5,200 Main Occasion, but this time the Russian drew upon his expertise of the previous, and as he explains:

 There was a hand in which I had QQ and the big blind 3-bet me and then bet all 3 streets. It was not far from the cash and I understood that it was a normal who was striving to push out a micro-limits player. He thought I would be afraid of elimination, but I referred to as with out a lot doubt. He had bluffed and soon after that sat out for some time."

Sharafutdinov then proceeded to use his patience and guile to chip up towards the funds, despite going card dead and not playing far more than five hands more than a four hour time period. He said he was also ready to consider benefit of other players' tight perception of his play to open with bluffs and so make his way in direction of the ultimate table.

The rest, as they say, is historical past, and as for other players looking to get shots, Sharafutdinov provided the following tips:  Take dangers, but bear in mind about bankroll management." He says he now intends to commit some of the money taking a football fan journey to South America, as nicely as a holiday to The Bahamas.

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